Jaana Palomäki, Founding Partner

CEO, CFO, business developer

I am a versatile expert in leadership and business management.

During my 25-year career, I have led finance, business development, M&A transactions and the new business they come along with.

Currently I act as a CFO at Granlund with an eye for business development at all times. I am also an entrepreneur and a board professional.


Helsinki School of Economics BBA, Aalto University (accounting, management, marketing).

Founder, board member, and CEO

I am the founder Ecovis Finland and acted as a CEO for nearly 15 years. After selling Ecovis to Visma, I was the CEO at Visma BMS, later I moved to Azets Group as development director for the Finnish operations.

My passion

Is to build companies well-functioning and efficient finance and in financial management processes utilizing automatics and robotics.

When a company is reaching the next level, it is always a question of change – either a structural change within the organization, M&A project, etc. However, it is always a matter of enabling GROWTH.

As an expert, I get excited whenever I can be involved in enabling growth.