Katri Sipilä, Founding Partner

International Business and People Leader

More than 20 years of experience as CEO and member of the management team at the heart of digital transformation in the international, data-intensive music industry.

Board Member and Advisor

Approved Board Member HHJ, Chairman. Member of Board Partners Helsinki and Board Professionals Finland BPF Finland. Trainer at HHJ and HAB (Approved Advisor Board Member) education.

Experienced board member of companies, foundations and associations and advisor to SMEs and start-ups.

Business Coach, Mentor

Certified Business Coach Master and mentor to owners, boards, directors and management teams.

Lawyer, influencer, communicator

Master of Laws with court training. Extensive experience in promotion of interest and advocacy communication at EU level and domestically. My expertise cover Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Company, Association and Foundation Law, Competition and Contract Law, IPR.

I hold positions of trust in the boards of Espoo Entrepreneurs and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Finland, as well as in the  Design from Finland Committee at the Association for Finnish Work. In addition, I serve on the the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employments  National IPR Strategy Steering Group.

My passion

Is to help the customer focus on the essential issues, and succeed in change and growth.